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Beat Stickman: Beyond

is the game where you will have a good time offering endless and continuous torture to the Stickman that likes to be beaten. And collecting stories to unveil the truth of Beat Stickman's original universe.
A little more about the stories...

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Unlock and Upgrade Weapons

Grind your way to accumulate the money goes far beyond the number you see every day to unlock new stunning weapons to beat the Stickman. Weapons come with Star and Rank, rank them up to make them even more powerful and look much cooler.


Boost Your Progress

On top of all the powerful weapons working for you endlessly to beat the Stickman, you can give the system a boost by spending Energy and perform all kinds of cool Boosts like Time Warp, Weapon Enhancer, Quick Death,…and many more. The challenge is, some of them require skills from you to make the best out of it.


Test Your Luck

And even beyond all that, you can make your money goes double or even triple just in seconds! But be careful, this one is only for the bravest one…or is it? Why don’t go and spin that lucky wheel to find out yourself?


Unveil the Stories

Beat Stickman: Beyond isn’t only about beating the creature tirelessly without a meaningful reason. It has, actually, an original universe with many stories in the game waiting for fo you to unveil, one piece at a time!

and There are Still Much More…

Let’s go deep, experiment with things to hunt all the achievements, find all the easter eggs that hid inside the game’s world. If you’re a competitive player, try different strategies to optimize your time to max all the weapons and have your name showed on top of the leaderboards.

More About The Stories...

So you like stories, huh? Then here’s more about Beat Stickman’s universe.

(noun, plural: Stickman) the creature that habits in the Shadow dimension of every perceivable alternative universe.

Stickman is a creature habiting in the Shadow dimension of an alternative universe. It’s made of dark matter and ketchup. Stickman wasn’t born by a natural process but was given birth by an unknown figure. It’s a very well known fact that Stickman likes to be beaten. It needs and wants to be beaten eventually. And whoever helps it, directly or indirectly, will be immediately granted a great time. Another fun fact about the Stickman is that there is only one Stickman in each alternative universe and it can’t die, just be destroyed and recreated immediately, stronger and may with a different look. By the way, in the game, we’ll still use terms like “kill”, “die”, “dead” for familiarity’s purpose. But keep in mind: the Stickman can never die.


Key Artwork
Artwork 000
Vitruvian StickMan - lite
Artwork 001
Artwork 002 - lite
Key Artwork Artwork 000 Vitruvian StickMan - lite Artwork 001 Artwork 002 - lite

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Dev's Story

Want even more stories? Not only the Stickman but the dev has stories to tell, too. Well, probably not as interesting as the Stickman’s but if you want to know, here’s where you may find it.

From the Stickman with Love

We've created a couple of emojis that you will love. Using them in your group or community like Discord would be great. Get the emojis!

Press Kit

For quick learning about the game, visit the Press Kit page


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