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About This Game


Join a fictional network that expands across the multiverse, where your main goal is to beat as many instances of the Stickman as you can. You will start with the first weapon, Tap, and then take a wild ride of unlocking and upgrading all kinds of weapons that automatically beat the Stickman for you. Comes with you along the way is Nebody, a personal supervisor, who is assigned to you by the network. Nebody is a friendly and curious person. Besides doing this job of unlocking new features for you and monitoring the system status, he will be with you to explore things that are beyond what the system officially offers.


  • Fully controller-supported. Play comfortably on your couch.
  • Tap weapon with many special upgrades.
  • 30 unique weapons to unlock and upgrade.
  • 20+ forms of the Stickman to discover.
  • Boosts to help the progress.
  • Backgrounds and Tap Skins, both change the game’s visuals and help the progress.
  • The main story with twists and turns.
  • Media content to tell you stories about the Beat Stickman’s universe.
  • Daily rewards and tasks.
  • A companion mobile app to help you progress the game with your smartphone.

and there are still more for you to explore!

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